For 150 years, rock-solid primary education in the heart of the capital


Hello, welcome to De Burght. Our primary school is located in a historic monumental site in the heart of Amsterdam. The large playground connects three canal houses on the Keizersgracht and Herengracht, forming a vibrant school. Here, we teach children to be independent world citizens, to embrace differences and to bring out the best in each other. We work with the children to grow their self-confidence and increase their autonomy. As a solid basis for a bright future.



Being seen makes you happy


Happy children make for enthusiastic learners. The teachers at De Burght look closely and lovingly at the children and what their specific needs are. So they also teach differentiated lessons. The teachers listen and are open to the pupils, but also to their parents. Your child is truly seen at our school. As a result, De Burght is also able to provide accurate and appropriate secondary school referrals for its pupils.



Amsterdam world citizens


Whoever you are and wherever you come from … everyone belongs, and together we will bring out the best in each other. The history and culture of Amsterdam is a core component of the school’s culture. Our beautiful city is driven by a colourful collection of enterprising individuals. The teachers are passionate and challenge both each other and the pupils to push boundaries together. As befits the character of Amsterdam: an inclusive city with education that produces unique, headstrong Amsterdam world citizens.



Extra love for culture, technology and science


The Leonardo-curriculum provides an extra dose of culture, technology and science. Which makes our school unique. Culture and science aren’t hidden in the wings at De Burght, they take the main stage. Without culture, no reflection or new ideas. Without science, no way to prove that (or how) new insights work. De Burght’s Leonardo programme fits seamlessly with our world vision. Just outside of the school gates, world heritage lies literally at our feet. The teachers see this reflected daily in the children’s lunch boxes, something that fills them with pride.   



Committed worldly teachers


Teachers at De Burght are selected for their broader perspective. They’re in love with their profession and often highly educated. But the cherry on cake? They are interested in the world beyond the school walls. They bring this into school with them, and in doing so give our children so much more than what you find in books alone. The student population is - just like Amsterdam - international or internationally minded. As a parent, have you consciously chosen to live in Amsterdam? Then you do so because Amsterdam is the place to raise children as independent world citizens. Children who learn together on a solid foundation of self-confidence.



Our School 

Independence as solid foundation


Independent children go further. This is what we believe. With a healthy dose of self-confidence, children are well-equipped to cope and thrive in the turbulent world of today and tomorrow. At our welcoming school you learn to stand on your own two feet. For both pupils and teachers, De Burght is a safe and stimulating working environment.


Besides the teaching material, we ask the children in groups 5 to 8 to do other things every school year. Such as: give a book presentation; discuss a news article during the news circle; prepare a school project and give a talk about it in front of the class. We do this to prepare them as thoroughly as possible for secondary education.



Everyone belongs


At De Burght, you are never alone. Together we bring out the best in each other.

We offer an environment where everyone can grow. A place you can trust and be trusted. We look as long as we need to, until we find a child’s ‘on switch’. And then we push it. Until each child starts to feel that learning is fun. Because we learn here together; we learn from each other's differences and similarities. That is why everyone belongs at our school, whoever you are or wherever you come from.



The whole world at school


The school is located in the midst of the cultural heart of the Netherlands. Within the school, you meet the world. Children from all cultures and corners of the world, with one common denominator - they are now Amsterdammers. In one lunchbox a sushi roll, and the other a cheese sandwich. This is how the children learn to look further and be curious about what’s really happening around them. We learn from each other to become Amsterdam global citizens. 



In the heart of the capital


Our buildings in the heart of the capital are home to three ‘schools’. The lower school (groups 1-2), the middle school (groups 3-5) and the upper school (groups 6-8). We consciously choose to work with combined reception groups (1-2), with older children helping the younger ones. The teachers can then better assist and help children. In addition, the younger children who develop more quickly can benefit from the work given to the older pupils. In short: learning from each other.



There is no such thing as can’t


‘I’ve never done it before, so I think that I can do it’. Not everybody is as daring as Pippi Longstocking, but we can learn a lot from her. Whatever your level is. Together with your teacher, you will learn that 'I can't' is often no more than 'I want to, but I don't know how' or 'I would like to, but I don't dare'. With some small, smart moves and together with your classmates, you will get further than you ever imagined.



Strengthening self-confidence


We consider it important to teach independence and self-confidence. Because we believe that independent children go further. Independence is not something of course that appears at the drop of a hat. It’s only possible in a safe environment where you can totally be yourself. Where, like Pippi Longstocking, you dare to do anything, because you have never done it before. Where you have the space and the considerate guidance of passionate teachers and a strong school team around you.
And when you leave the school in group 8 and say farewell to De Burght to go to secondary school, you have enough confidence and tools to charge into the future as a worldly Amsterdammer.

Wherever you go in the world.




Inquisitive minds


The future belongs to children who learn to look further, hungry to know what is really going on in the world. This way, the children's self-confidence and independence grow, and they can stride into the future with a sense of security.


Leonardo is extra culture! More technology! Science in the classroom!


The Leonardo-curriculum is an extra dose of culture, technology and science. Something we view as extremely important. Culture and science take the main stage at De Burght. De Burght’s Leonardo programme fits seamlessly with our world vision, has been running successfully for years and has ensured many links to the rich culture of Amsterdam. Take for example the link with the International Documentary Film Festival, with the Hermitage Museum, the Concertgebouw Orchestra, the Amsterdam School of Music and many other cultural organisations.


Leonardo consists of three pillars:

  1. Music, culture, technology and science
  2. Visual arts
  3. Science and technology


Within Leonardo we collaborate with the Music School of Amsterdam, visual arts via SEP and for science and technology with Technika 10 – technology in school.